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Do you run a blog? If you do, you probably know that it is a very close relative of journalism. Take a quick look around the web world today, the blogs all over would remind you of what you can get from your everyday newspaper. The only difference is that unlike the newspapers, there are no strict rules guiding the blogosphere as to how content should be published and as such, ever blogger can do what he or she likes. Blogging, when done properly helps internet businesses achieve their goals (whatever they are). To achieve this though, the blog needs to be properly managed. Here is a blog management tip for those looking at bringing the traditional journalistic approach to their blogs.

One way through which a blogger can provide his or her readers with the same feel of reading newspaper columns is by putting up quality interviews from time to time. An interview in the blogging world should basically be a discussion between the blogger and another individual on a topic that relates to the blog. There are 3 ways a blogger can achieve this

1. The blogger can get the interview done, then put together a story-styled write-up, using quotes from the interview as the major basis of the writing. This is a pretty good approach to use even though it subjects the blogger to doubts regarding why he picked some quotes and ignored others, etc.

2. The blogger can equally put the whole transcript of the interview on the blog word for word (obviously after removing the ‘’you knows’’, ‘’Ums’’ and ‘’my words’’). This is actually a choice that is rarely used by bloggers due to the fact that it may bore readers. If the interview is one that is very illuminating and expository, it is best to use this method.

3. The interview can also be recorded and put on the blog in the form of a video or a podcast. What this does is that it allows the readers of the blog to feel the interview in its entirety. The facial expressions, sarcastic tones etc. will all be there for the readers to see. Using this style of blogging will give the blog a more interactive feel. However, before you put up any video, it is advised that the blogger ensure it’s one that is interesting enough to avoid getting the readers bored.

Pick any of these tips that applies to your blog and you will make your blog even more interesting for your readers and even draw new readers.

News and blog management is a time consuming venture especially for individuals that have a handful of them to manage. This is why we have set up a news and blog management service that will take care of your blogging needs and give you the results you want.

Here is what we do

Firstly, we will seat down with you to fully understand the service offered by your company after which we will begin our campaign building process. Our campaign comprises of basic keyword research after which we will put our team of researchers, SEO experts and online distribution experts to take your news and blog to places where you want them to be.

We do our distribution utilising blogs, articles, videos, and social media.

With our campaign you will get thousands of links to your blogs across the web, you will have quality traffic driven to your blog and you will witness a huge increase in the readership of your blog. You can always request for report anytime which will help you monitor the productivity of the venture.

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