E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce solutions on demand

E-Commerce solutions on demand

Since the introduction of the greatest innovation of our generation – the internet, and the consequent rise in numerous advanced technologies and web applications, the force of internet, if not globalization has since truly remained unstoppable.

E-commerce, a consequence of the rapidly developing internet technology has brought enough advancement in the socio-economic life of the entire world population. At Software Inc, we recognize the revolution that this phenomenon has brought to businesses as well as to customers and that is why we are committed to bringing new e-commerce solutions that will create more innovations and value to your business.

One of the e-commerce solutions on demand by many of our clients is Magneto. Magneto is essentially an open source e-commerce web application that we use to set up online merchandises; this application platform is built using the Zend framework.

e-commerseOne of the greatest benefits of using the Magneto platform is the low cost of launching and maintaining it, as the application offers very minimum set up and running cost which will in turn reduce the over head of businesses. Also, Magneto offers businesses the benefit of improving customer relation, interaction and satisfaction. Also, another similar open source community application is virtuemart, which is a content management system (CMS) that possesses attributes and abilities of an e-commerce engine. The application is very easy to download and it offers users a secured platform as well as usability and guaranteed performance.

VirtueMart templates will provide users a wide array of options especially businesses that would like to create a very professional and attractive shopping site which will draw more customers with neatly deigned product categories. Opencart is also one of the fastest growing open source e-commerce web applications that have been constantly on demand by both small and medium enterprises. Opencart offers an easy to use platform that provides easy codes that makes customization easier for users.

One of the greatest benefits of Opencart is that it is extremely suitable for small businesses who are just starting up, and who will like to have an online presence where they can meet customers as well as transact businesses. Opencart supports international trade by making use of its intelligent backend performances which helps new businesses have a worldwide presence instantly and also tap from the benefits of international commerce.

Apart from all these solutions which we have consistently provided to our most valued customers, our team at Software Inc is also versed in the development of CS-cart ecommerce platform. CS-cart is also an open source ecommerce solutions that offers the most easy to use platform for your shopping cart needs. Our teams of highly versatile and experienced professionals are vast in developing a wide range of shopping cart application using CS-cart; we also develop fully customized CS-cart themes and templates for customers who demand more specificity with aesthetics, and if it is the most recent of WordPress shopping cart that you want for your business, we can offer you our word.

We offer to assess your business and evaluate how we can bring more online presence to your business, we make use of these wide ranging open source solutions and other web applications to make your business feature and appear more on the most popular search engines, depending on your needs we can customize and develop applications that will enable you reach out to the unlimited multitude that are available on the internet.

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