Email and Hosting Management

A vital combination for your business

The major aim of developing a website is to promote goods, services and so on.

The major aim of developing a website is to promote goods, services and so on. However when the website does not have adequate hosting and email management in place, this aim is defeated. The hosting and email combination is very important because it is the bedrock of the online presence of a company. The bigger the company, the more reliant it is on a good hosting plan fully integrated with quality email management.

Every good webhosting company adds email managing to the services they offer to businesses especially the online businesses. This helps provide the company in question with high level organizational capabilities. Some businesses today still make use of the normal free email services even though they have a hosting plan. This is in every way wrong. Having a free email account as your business account reduces your credibility significantly. Again, even though the free email services will offer you bigger email size (depending on the hosting plan you have), they are in no way secure and in the long run, you will be doing your business more harm than good.

With a good hosting plan that offers email management, you will be creating a very professional look for your business. Your staff will have an email address that looks professional and company businesses will all be handled from one point. Imagine receiving a proposal from a company with a free Yahoo or Google email, how serious will you take the company? It certainly makes more sense if a company is sending out emails with a domain name of their own. No serious minded business with an online presence would want to manage their emails on email server that is entirely out of their control as this would mean they are looking at a strong possibility of security breach from time to time and also, spam.

Having all these in mind, it is now very easy to see why it is imperative that businesses get hosting accounts from reliable sources where they would get good email management as well.

Here in this software development company, we offer our clients high quality hosting solution and at the same time we provide solid email management to go with it. Our email management services provide clients with the following: Multiple domains, control panels, unlimited groups, email policies, easy migration, powerful search, folders and labels, instant chat, calendar tasks and multiple accounts. All these will ensure that you get the best email experience. Also, we offer email space that can meet your specifications. If you need email space even bigger than what is provided by the free services, we have it all covered.

Our email security is also top tier level and it is constantly being updated to make sure that you and your company’s transactions are kept secret and safe.

With a hosting and email management plan from us, you would have taken your business to the top most level of professionalism. Our plans are equally affordable and cut across the different sizes of businesses. So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a hosting plan for your newly established small business or if you are looking for a better email management plan for your already established business, we can help you. Give us a call today or use the contact us button!

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